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So, what is 'NECTAR'? It stands for NECTar is not ARchive. Or more in science-wise, Non-synonymous Enriched Coding muTation ARchive Yes, that's what I meant for this website.

If you are a scientist, you might be wondering what NECTAR is made with and how. A schematic diagram and a brief description of database schema of NECTAR are explained below. For more information, read the NECTAR paper.

The short version: disease variants are compiled from following four databases: HGMD-PUBLIC, UniProt, COSMIC, and ClinVar. The Ensembl variation database is the main source of variants, except UniProt. We only use non-synonymous mutations which substitute amino acid residues. The positions of non-synonymous mutations are mapped onto Ensembl proteins using canonical transcripts. Then, each base of the corresponding codon is substituted with different nucleotide and check whether this leads to non-synonymous mutations. [details]

If you are a geek, you might be wondering what NECTAR is based on.

The short version: it is developed on the basis of the Perl Catalyst web application framework and served by Apache with mod-perl as a glue, all running on Linux and developed on CentOS. We use MySQL as a back-end DBMS. We use memcached to keep the database from getting crushed. [details]


Any medical or genetic information is provided for research, educational and informational purposes only. It is not in any way intended to be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or care. The information is meant for health professionals, scientists and researchers. The information provided is not meant for the patients.

NECTAR includes software developed by Ensembl (

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